Azure Automation Part 2: Automation Account


This demonstration is part of a series that will show you how get started with Azure Automation native tools. This part of the series will focus primarily on using Azure Automation Accounts, specifically process automation Runbooks.

This demo will show how easy it is to produce automations using Runbooks to build and destroy environments. With Runbooks for an Azure Automation Account, we will:

  1. Reproduce the LMS environment, created in part one of this series, as an "on-demand" solution completely instantiated through the Azure Portal.
  2. Show how to execute Automations with timer-based triggers to destroy the environment once it has reached it's expiration date.
  3. Highlight additional features offered by the Azure Automation Account platform that can assist with management of Azure and Hybrid workloads.

The demonstration utilize Python 2 Runbooks, at this time the platform is under modification to support Python 3. 

Azure Automation Accounts provide a great solution when: 

  • I need to automate procedural processes to do repetitive tasks on virtual machines, software and/or platform services.
  • I need a controller to provide a runtime framework that allows for extensibility while providing a centralized platform that can execute API driven solutions.