Collab Labs Evolve


WWT's collaboration labs have evolved over the years. In this 20-second visualization, you'll see the testing equipment, environments, demos and proof of concepts we've built into our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and how they have expanded from 2013-2020.

WWT's Digital Workspace practice has always focused on collaboration, which includes unified communications (UC), video conferencing, contact centers and all workloads related to this topic.  Our labs in the ATC basically translate everything our engineering teams know into a multifaceted, consumable lab environment. The story behind the expansion of these labs is told in our article: Digital Workspace Labs.

The vision behind building the ATC is ambitious: to give customers, partners and employees a place to test, evaluate and explore new technologies and OEMs. The labs now available to anyone who creates an account at wwt.com, and this enables IT staff to assess how introducing a new technology will impact their enterprise. Read our CTO's perspective on how WWT's B2B Innovation platform impacts how IT staff can innovate in real time.