Employee-Centered Strategy for Collaboration


The right technology is critical for creating the best collaboration experience possible for your employees.

Work isn't a place. It’s what people do. Delivering a secure digital employee experience unlocks productivity, agility, and business resilience. World Wide Technology combines strategy and execution to develop a collaboration roadmap that puts relentless focus on your business outcomes. We bring a team of teams approach to deliver holistic solutions for Webex Calling, Meetings, Messaging and Contact Center. And the ability to build custom apps and Webex integrations. Within our Advanced Technology Center, we house over half a billion dollars in lab environments to explore and test various scenarios, moving you faster from planning to outcome. But technology is just half the battle.  Employees are at the center of any successful plan. Our persona-driven approach enables us to identify the fit-for-purpose toolset for each employee  – and bring focus to a successful end user training program.   

From idea to outcome in the digital workspace, WWT does it. Visit us at wwt.com/webexone