How 5G Will Change the Way Service Providers Secure Infrastructure and Applications


The broad scope and reach of 5G, while exciting, comes with increased exposure to a wider spectrum of security threats. WWT's Joe Wojtal and Palo Alto's Sree Koratala join Warren Perils to talk about 5G security and why it should be top of mind for service providers.

5G will dramatically increase network capacity and speed. More devices will have access to high-speed connectivity. This will enable an unprecedented number of mobile services such as self-driving cars, massive adoption of the internet of things (IoT), smart cities, and a mass digitization of businesses and industries. 

But, it also creates more opportunities for attack, for example, critical infrastructure or services like power, manufacturing, utilities and other industry sectors connected via 5G.

In short, the applications and services that ride on 5G networks are as critical to secure as the network infrastructure itself.