Webex & Zoom: Cisco Room Kit Mini/Poly x30 Comparison


This is a comparison between two different workflows. We look at the Webex experience with a Cisco Room Kit Mini and the Zoom experience with a Poly Studio x30. This allows the viewer to make their own decision on which one fits their needs.

There are many conferencing options available today, whether it's platforms or endpoints. But as we showed in our video Simplify the Experience using WWT's Next-Gen Meeting Solution, the best conference experience is going to be with a dedicated endpoint. There is no need to have a disjointed system with multiple points of failure.

The Cisco Room Kit Mini and the new Poly Studio x30 are dedicated endpoints that can be used in small conference spaces. They both provide the ideal collaboration experience, both in room and for the far end. Each endpoint in the video is shown using either Webex or Zoom, and we show how each workflow differs. Because these units are also all-in-one systems, installation and cable management are incredibly easy.

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