Building a Windows Developer Workflow on VMware With Packer, Terraform Enterprise, Jenkins and ServiceNow


This video demonstrates how to build a Windows developer workflow on VMware with HashiCorp Packer, Terraform Enterprise, Jenkins and ServiceNow.

HashiCorp is the leading provider of the multicloud automation tools that cover multiple areas in the modern dynamic data centers. Terraform uses Infrastructure as Code to provision and manage any cloud, infrastructure or service. 

This demo looks into the on-premises use of Terraform Enterprise to create a developer workflow to deploy Windows 2019 VMs into a VMware vSphere environment. The following topics are covered in this video:

  • Build a customized Windows 2019 VMware Template with Jenkins and Packer.
  • Deploy and test Windows 2019 image template with Jenkins and Terraform Enterprise on vSphere.
  • Deploy Windows 2019 infrastructure from a ServiceNow catalog with Terraform Enterprise to vSphere.
  • Configure Terraform Sentinel Policy as a code to control infrastructure resources.