VMware Horizon Cloud on AWS

Combining VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services and VMware Horizon enables rapid work-from-home solution while providing a foundation for future digital transformation

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The Challenge

Recent events have dramatically elevated the priority for public sector organizations to support flexible work-from-home strategies. Organizations that do not have remote work policies already in place are struggling to deploy the appropriate technology infrastructure and remote workforce solutions that can scale quickly and allow workers to remain productive in supporting daily operations. While speed and flexibility are important considerations, public sector organizations must also ensure security beyond the firewall because remote workers will have access to internal resources and data on issued laptops, tablets or bring-your-own (BYOD) devices. Additionally, organizations are striving to ensure that their technology investments can solve today's work-from-home needs as well as serve as a foundation for future infrastructure modernization and digital transformation.

WWT is uniquely positioned to help organizations solve these near-term challenges while providing the technology foundation for future digital transformation efforts:

The WWT Solution

Supporting virtual desktops and applications in the cloud is commonly known as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) – a term that comprises many choices with a variety of specific benefits and costs. For some organizations, the most prudent option is to have their public clouds integrate and work seamlessly with their on-premises infrastructure. This approach, a hybrid-cloud deployment, leverages an organization's existing capabilities of existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes.

Combined, VMware Cloud (VMC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware Horizon can support virtual desktops and applications with a common management interface across both private and public clouds while providing seamless access to the end users:


  • VMC on AWS allows vSphere Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) running in AWSand on-premises to be connected and managed from a single VMware vSphere interface.Using a connected AWS account, customers can access AWS services such as EC2 and S3from virtual machines in their SDDC.
  • With VMware Horizon, organizations can deploy the same environment in the on-premises and the AWS SDDCs and connect them with Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) for both federated management and seamless access for the end users.

WWT experts have extensive End User Computing (EUC) and Cloud expertise, and through in-depth workshops, can share their experience and best practices to help an organization reach the best decision faster. Using the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC), WWT's experts can demonstrate the pre-built integration labs we created to help our customers accelerate their evaluation.

VMC on AWS and Horizon with CPA also can be used solely within AWS to expand betweenSDDCs and regions for scale and resiliency in a pure cloud model, as shown in Figure 1.

High Level Architecture
Figure 1: High Level Architecture

WWT has designed a Quickstart engagement methodology to help customers rapidly architect and implement a cloud-based virtual desktop environment designed with best practices to enable their business requirements. WWT offers Quickstart engagements for customers anywhere on the Desktop-as-a-Service journey to help them quickly get deployed and continue operations:

  • Cloud Foundation Quickstart for customers without an existing AWS Account.
  • VMC on AWS Quickstart for customers without an existing VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
  • VMware Horizon on AWS Quickstart for customers with an existing VMC on AWS SDDC-Add-on for CPA integration with an on-premises Horizon environment.
  • If a Quickstart does not meet your specific needs, the WWT Account Team and WWTSolutions Architects can create customized deployments for complex, sizable or highly secure environments.

In addition to the Quickstart or custom engagements for deployment of VMware Cloud on AWS and Horizon, the following subscriptions will be required and included in any design. WWT can help customers choose the right one for them, purchase, and setup any required subscription not present in the environment today.

  • AWS Account and Subscription
  • VMware Cloud on AWS Subscription
  • VMware Horizon Subscription or Workspace One Enterprise Subscription

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