VMworld 5G

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Watch Obi Egonu and Dan Graham's 45-minute presentation on deploying a next-gen network to deliver private, LTE, 5G and Edge services. This session covers:

  • The value of a 5G partner in saving time and costs.
  • The benefits of WWT's Converged Edge Node solution.
  • How the Converged Edge Node solution can deliver business outcomes for enterprise customers. 

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October 13, 2020 | 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. (CST)

Learn how service providers can develop a strategy to become an enterprise edge expert. We'll explore use cases, positioning carriers in the competitive edge ecosystem, and tools and resources to utilize.

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Explore 5G-enabled digital transformation

WWT and MobiledgeX are enabling customers to accelerate global mobile edge computing deployments at scale utilizing certified infrastructure that is immediately ready to monetize by fulfilling next-gen application and device requirements for developers worldwide.

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MobiledgeX Cloudlet on VMware vCloud NFV Lab

Demand for mobile edge compute (MEC) is expected to grow for a wide range of applications as the increased bandwidth and decreased latency of 5G enables more data to be processed at the edge of a network. Gain hands-on experience with this edge environment to better understand use cases and vertical-specific requirements, and more quickly monetize 5G infrastructure investments moving forward. 

MobiledgeX Cloudlet on VMware vCloud NFV Lab


Reach out to our experts today to start harnessing the power of edge computing or explore our Mobile Edge Computing page for additional resources. 

WWT is a proud partner of Dell Technologies and VMware.