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This guide explores the ins and outs of Event Planner, whether using it as a host, presenter or attendee.

Event Planner is an internal application used for events such as executive briefings, workshops, trainings, interviews, customer meetings and more. Integrated with the WWT Platform, there is catalog of topics that are at your fingertips for our customers and partners, but still allows a fully customizable experience. No matter your role within WWT, this is the first step when hosting or meeting with a customer or partner. 

Benefits of Using Event Planner

Simplified Planning

Catalog of EBCs, workshops, QBRs, trainings and more – integrated with WWT.com​ with prompts while planning

Streamlined Presenter Request

Easily submit and manage tasks and IRs for GET or services teams right from Event Planner

Enhanced Attendee Experience

User access to event information on WWT.com in My WWT and ATC Connect​ with streamlined communication

Platform Growth & Data Capture

Simplified user registration on the platform and ability capture the who, what, when, where and why of engagements​

Three simple steps to take in Event Planner to ensure you're making the connection to a successful business outcome that we can track and attribute to the Platform

1. Opportunity

Make sure the event is tied to the correct, active opportunity. *Opportunity is required for Workshops, Trainings & Briefings.

2. Attendees

Ensure all external contacts are listed on the event.

3. Engagement

Engage the attendees/users through the platform during and after the event – show them how to access labs & content.

New in Event Planner

Check back often for new features and release notes!

Event Types

Event Planner offers eight paths to take when creating a new event. Review the event types offered below to find the one most suited for your event.

Once submitted, event types cannot be changed. Please use your best discretion when selecting your event type. 

Event Types

Executive Briefing

An Executive Briefing is designed to help customers and partners explore technology and business solutions while immersing attendees in company culture. Executive Briefings are an opportunity to target future engagements from WWT. Visit the Executive Briefing Guide for more information. 

*Select this event type if you want a customized event that is not identified on the platform. All Executive Briefings will be supported by Marketing.

Event Types


A workshop is a discussion and engineering around a specific topic or technology with a specific goal in mind. Check out the Workshop Cheat Sheet for more info. 

*Select this event type if the workshop you want is currently available on the platform.

Event Types


A quick overview of a single topic, technology, capability, or market trend. Check out the Briefing Cheat Sheet for more info. 

*Select this event type if the topic you would like is currently available on the platform.

Event Types

General Meeting

A general meeting can be used to create a digital experience for a meeting with a customer or partner. 

*Select General Meeting for any meeting type that does not exist, such as PS Project Kickoff.

*General Meetings do not allow for Global Engineering IRs. 

Event Types


An interview can be used to create a digital experience for those we are interviewing for open positions at WWT.

Event Types


Training is developed around an organization's requirements and a specific set of technology. Check out the Training Cheat Sheet for more info. 

Event Types


A quarterly business review with your customer or partner to discuss their business and how you can better support them.

Event Types

Account Planning

A session outlining an account's goals and how WWT can help achieve them. 

Using Event Planner

Check out the tabs below for guidance, tips and tricks when using Event Planner. 

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Virtual Meeting & Event Resources

Nervous about hosting a virtual event? Check out some of the below resources to help make your meeting a success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Supplements

Use this documentation to learn more about the features of Event Planner!