Contact Center Workshop

4 hours
Organizations are looking for new ways to communicate with customers beyond the typical phone call. Video, email, instant messaging, web chat and social interaction are quickly becoming the preferred methods to converse with customer service organizations.

Cisco Contact Center Solutions provide comprehensive customer interaction capabilities that enhance how companies communicate with their customers.

What to Expect

With the WWT Contact Center Workshop, participants will work with our collaboration experts to:
  • Unlock the potential of contact center resources
  • See how easy it is to connect with chat, voice, video and more
  • Discuss best practices for establishing a collaborative workforce
  • Discover ways to cut costs and improve the customer experience

Goals & Objectives

The Contact Center Workshop is a strategic working session to address your business challenges and goals to interact with customers. WWT solution architects will work with your organization to develop a proven strategy which will improve processes for customer service.

Evaluate your current solution. Develop call flows from current IVR/ACD systems to map to Cisco Contact Center Solutions for proper call treatment and reporting.

Provide design guidance. Evaluate current business objectives and provide a high-level design that will address scalability, communication channels and network accessibility.

Discuss best practices. Provide best practices around Contact Center Solution features, including outbound campaigns, email routing, Web interaction and recording solutions. Learn how call flows and interactions affect reporting statistics.

Expand your services. Discuss the cost savings of self service and desktop integration.

What is a Workshop? 
A working session in which your technology decision makers, Architects, Engineers, and Line of Business representation meet with WWT Subject Matter Expert, Engineers, and program/process management to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be deployed in your organization.  These are paid engagements with a defined outcome and deliverable, e.g. Action Plan, High-level Architectural Design, Proposal or Quote for Project Implementation.  Takes place in person or via video conferences that last from 4 hours to 5 days.​ 
Who Should Attend?
Architects, engineers, IT directors, CIOs​, Line of Business representation. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering, consuming, and supporting the solution. 


In this workshop, your organization will gain valuable knowledge around current process, new applications that enhance customer experience and industry information around what other companies have implemented to address business challenges.