DevOps Workshop

8 hours

Effectively applying DevOps within your organization requires aligning the right combination of software applications and IT operation initiatives to shorten the lifecycle of system development and provide continuous delivery with optimal software quality. 

WWT's DevOps workshop provides clarity and alignment when adopting or expanding upon DevOps integration within your organization. In this workshop, we look at your organization's people, processes and technology; evaluate successful and unsuccessful patterns and tools already in place; then recommend relevant industry best practices, frameworks and/or standards to achieve your prioritized DevOps goals.

What to Expect

Working with WWT's experts, your team will get practical hands-on experience with best-in-class DevOps technologies and best practices to determine the right path forward for your organization. The workshop is interactive and covers the following:

  • Introductions and review workshop goals
  • Expert review of DevOps best practices
  • Voice of the customer
  • Aligning WWT DevOps best practices to your needs
  • Prioritized recommendations and next steps

Goals & Objectives

Participants of this workshop will engage in an interactive session resulting in a common understanding of the following core DevOps concepts:

  • Principles and practices behind DevOps.
  • How speed and stability can be united.
  • How DevOps practices provide business competitive advantage.
  • The origin of DevOps in agile and lean principles.
  • The Three Ways of DevOps.
  • Suggested best practices to adopt DevOps within an organization.

With the above concepts considered, our teams will work together during this workshop to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify existing business and technical imperatives/goals that can be achieved or improved upon as part of DevOps adoption.
  • Review and agree on specific DevOps activities/practices supportive of business and technical goals.
  • Establish the priority and sequence of specific DevOps activities within the capacity the organization has to enable DevOps.
  • Create a roadmap of initial capabilities to begin activities in support of business and technical goals.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is typically a paid engagement, with predefined objectives, that results in the creation of strategic project deliverables; including: strategy roadmap, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for implementation. Workshops may be conducted remotely or onsite.

Who should attend?

Chief Information Officer; IT directors/leaders with invested interested in DevOps and relative solutions


WWT’s DevOps workshop is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Enable a shared understanding of DevOps in accordance with industry best practices.
  • Create awareness of how existing business or IT strategy at the organization can enable DevOps.
  • Establish clarity for DevOps goals and decide on the metrics that will be used to assess impacts.
  • Recommend specific business and technical actions to begin DevOps adoption or improve activities already underway.
  • Identify specific WWT or partner labs, architectures, platforms or services that can accelerate an organizations adoption of DevOps.