Next-Gen Wireless Workshop

4 hours
Many wireless networks in operation today were designed as networks of convenience for conference rooms and common areas, and are now struggling to support the number of wireless devices and applications now in use. Wireless technologies, devices, and applications are evolving at a rapid pace, making it increasingly difficult to future-proof the network. 

What to Expect

The Next Gen Wireless Workshop is designed to help organizations create an overall strategy to address the gap between their current wireless network deployment and the requirements for the future.  WWT experts customize the session to meet your company’s specific requirements, which may include the following.
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Wireless Architecture
  • Industry Best Practices

Goals & Objectives

The WWT Next-Gen Wireless Workshop is a two-to-four hour strategic discussion and whiteboard session focused on identifying your company’s unique business use cases and wireless networking needs. WWT experts customize the session to meet your company’s specific requirements, which may include:

Emerging Technologies: Explore the latest wireless standards and state-of-the art technologies such as 802.11ac wave 1 and wave 2, multi-GigE aggregation, indoor hyper-location, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. You’ll see how these technologies can be applied to your domain to build the best possible wireless network for employees and customers.

Wireless Architecture: Learn how to design the wireless deployment to achieve the best coverage, throughput, performance, and reliability. Compare and contrast different wireless architectures to best match to the business requirements, making sure to design for high-availability and switchover in the case of a failure.

Best Practices: WWT works with major wireless vendors to provide the best capabilities to ensure the performance and user experience of the wireless networks. However, many customers are still using wireless principles from many years ago. Learn how to design and implement best practices for the latest wireless network generation.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to better understand how to design and deploy the best wireless network to meet future needs of the organization and consider latest technologies, architectures, and security measures, which are essential to meet the overall mobility goals for employees, partners and customers.