Technical Alignment Workshop

8 hours
Of the many challenge’s organizations face in today’s business climate, one of the most costly and inefficient can be aligning IT priorities with business expectations. Before you can get to the “how” of improving your organization’s IT operations, it is crucial that you effectively capture the “why” and the “what” during a strategic planning process. Automating today’s large-scale IT infrastructure can be complex and face several challenges, from siloed teams running proprietary tools not shared across the wider enterprise, to individual’s running automated solutions from their own environments without oversight or audit.

What to Expect

During the Technology Alignment Workshop, participants will engage in discovery and mapping exercises focused on:
  • Prioritization of process workflows and alignment with business outcomes
  • Analysis of workflows to identify performance and quality issues
  • Selection of automation toolsets that align with the organization skillset
  • Implement a standard review process facilitated by an Architecture Review Board

Goals & Objectives

A Technology Alignment Workshop helps organizations analyze and prioritize differing areas of IT across the enterprise through the application of intelligent automation. WWT’s framework for optimizing operations can improve quality and speed of technology services allowing IT to better communicate across teams, suppliers and customers.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants receive the following deliverables designed to help accelerate continued process improvements through intelligent automation:

  • A clear action plan identifying goals, success metrics and value streams
  • Rationalization of automation toolsets through clearly defined priorities and skillsets
  • A formalized approach to standard decision making though an Architecture Review Board


WWT workshops offers a low-risk quick-to-start consultative approach to align IT operations with defined strategic business and technology outcomes. This workshop represents the first step to a focused partnership between WWT and the customer with a goal of streamlined IT operational workflows to realize measurable gain with respect to clearly defined business outcomes.