vRA IPAM Integrations Workshop

4 hours
As customers look into getting more agile with their operations, they are looking at software-defined everything (SDX) and bursting into various public cloud options. The need to incorporate standardization, centralized self-service portal, capacity planning, workload deployments, availability and performance, financial management, governance and more is becoming more and more important.

This is where a Cloud Management Platform becomes the glue that brings all those needs together. WWT has proven strategies to make vRealize Automation stick and bring success to all areas of your software-defined data center (SDDC) journey.

What to Expect

This workshop gives you first-hand look at the different development strategies available to integrate your IPAM solution with vRealize Automation:
  • IPAM Solutions
  • vRA Out of the Box capabilities
  • Coding your own vRO plugins
  • Utilizing 3rd party Sovlab modules

Goals & Objectives

WWT can help customers compare and contrast the different development strategies to pick the right one that fits their organization.  

Every organization has IT shared services (Active Directory, DNS, IPAM and custom naming) that lay as the foundation to any server build and integration in your CMP. This workshop is going to focus on the IPAM development strategies.