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World Wide Wire FAQ's

Things You Need to Know

1. What is the World Wide Wire?

The World Wide Wireis an exclusive community for WWT advocates to be the first to know and share exclusive content related to WWT, including our solutions and services, news, partnerships and more. Members will also have access to exclusive opportunities and incentives as you engage within the World Wide Wire. 

2. What does your participation look like? 

Log into to the World Wide Wire, check out what’s new and share, share, share! You are not required to participate in every campaign or share all content but we encourage it! 

3. What are the Rules of Conduct for the World Wide Wire?

To ensure that everyone has a positive experience here, please keep a few things in mind:

We reserve the right to moderate posts and comments for any reason. Hostility or rude behavior is discouraged and our hope is that you are respectful to one another. We ask that you discuss personal matters on your own individual pages. If poor behavior is displayed, we reserve the right to block you from participating. 

We reserve the right to block participation if member posts contain any of the following types of content:
• Derogatory, obscene or discriminatory language
• Spam, advertising or links to other non-relevant sites
• Personal contact information such as email address, phone number or physical address

Fan comments posted on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the World Wide Wire.WWT takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information, claims or advice shared here by members.

All material posted must comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct — see link below: 

All material posted must comply with Twitter’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct — see link below: 

All material posted must comply with LinkedIn’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct — see link below:


4. How do I access the mobile app?

Download the “Sprinklr Extend” app from your app/play store. Open the app and type in “World Wide Technology”. Log in using your WWT SSO credentials and you’ll be able to access our World Wide Wire environment. If you have not created an account, you will be prompted to answer some questions to setup your profile. 

5. How can I get support if I'm having technical trouble on World Wide Wire?

If you are having difficulty using any of the World Wide Wire tools, you can email the WWT Social Media Manager directly at Erin.Hindalong@wwt.com.